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James R. Laughlin, MBA

President & CEO

Prior to founding Perimeter Healthcare, Rod has either been the founder of or occupied top executive positions in not less than four healthcare organizations. His experience in healthcare management spans well over 30 years; yet, his passion is still as fresh as ever. 

For Rod, the favorite part of being the President and CEO of Perimeter Healthcare is creating a team and working towards a goal of excellence. Nothing gives him more joy than seeing his companies make a difference and that’s exactly what Perimeter Healthcare is set up to do. When he’s not busy with administrative work, Rod loves to read, sample great food and wine, and watch some college football while having a good cigar.  

Bill Mohon SVP Business Development

Bill Mohon

Senior Vice President, Business Development and Acquisitions

A veteran in the healthcare industry, Bill’s 44 years of hospital administration experience ensures he has the connections and negotiation skills to lead our Business Development and Acquisitions team. Importantly, he still enjoys what he does, even after putting in such an astonishing number of years. In his words, “the most rewarding part of the job is the opportunity to establish connections with the individuals who have put “heart and soul” into their facilities.” 

More than any other person, Bill understands that a successful sale can only be brokered in an atmosphere of trust. Bill curates that all-important trust on behalf of Perimeter Healthcare and ensures the good legacies of previous owners are upheld. When he’s not scouting for a new facility to acquire, Bill enjoys traveling with his family and connecting with people from other cultures. 

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Kathy Anderson


Since taking a high school accounting course, Kathy has been deeply enthralled by the world of accounting and finance. Even after more than 25 years of corporate accounting experience, her fascination for numbers still drives her to efficiently perform her duties as the Corporate Controller of Perimeter Healthcare. 

Kathy strongly believes the accounting department is the livewire of any organization and at every waking moment, she renews her commitment to be more efficient at her job. In her words, “When employees are paid correctly, bills are paid on time, and reports are issued timely, I can rest easy because I can consider my job done.” 

When she’s not preparing the next payroll or audit report, she’s most likely spending time with friends and family, reading, or traveling.

Angela Boring

Angela Boring, LMSW, MHA, CPHQ, CPHRM

Vice President 

Clinical Services, Quality, and Risk Management

Angela’s numerous years of experience as a clinician and hospital administrator makes her a perfect fit for her role. Her illustrious career in behavioral healthcare has seen her occupy diverse positions in both public and private healthcare setups. For Angela, the most rewarding aspect of the job at Perimeter Healthcare is facilitating projects that fill a visible gap. She relishes the challenge of setting up new facilities and overseeing direct patient care environments. She derives her fulfilment from achieving measurable improvements in patient care across all facilities. 

Angela dedicates her spare time to studying high performing organizations. She has been recently named to Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Board of Examiners. She also loves spending as a professional lifestyle photographer. 


George Dunaway CFO

George Dunaway


George Dunaway is an accomplished CFO who leverages strong analytical skills to accelerate growth, improve profitability, maximize cash flow and drive improvements throughout Perimeter's network. He is focused on maximizing shareholder returns through strategy development and implementation and rigorous allocation of resources while ensuring Perimeter is a leader in quality behavioral care. 

When George is not studying spreadsheets and budgets, he likes spending time watching basketball and hanging out with his family. 

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Lisa Evans, MA

Chief Operations Officer

Lisa is a seasoned hospital administrator with a special interest in the mental healthcare industry. Prior to joining the Perimeter Healthcare team, she has occupied crucial administrative positions in more than four behavioral healthcare facilities. 

For Lisa, the favorite part of the job is creating and maintaining systems that prioritize the clinical care of patients above everything else. She’s a huge fan of collaboration and teamwork- elements she considers crucial towards creating a unified culture of respect and kindness to patients. When she’s not tending her garden and hanging out with her husband, she spends most of her spare time with her family and friends who are like family.

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Erica Fox, MBA

Corporate Vice President, Business Development 

A seasoned administrator and business development expert, Erica boasts more than 20 years of senior leadership experience in the behavioral health sector. Before her appointment at Perimeter, she occupied administrative roles across top organizations in the community education/development and managed care arena. 

For Erica, the most interesting part of the job is the opportunity to link people with the help they need. She also enjoys working with her team to create innovative programs that are aimed at showcasing the progress being made at Perimeter Healthcare to the world outside. 

Her spare time is shared between reading, vacations on the beach, spending time with family, and getting better at her newfound hobby - golf.

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Rochelle Gerber

Director of Administrative Services

For more than 23 years, Rochelle has been involved in operational management at various levels. Her rewarding career has seen her help numerous companies navigate rapid growth strategies. With her vast experience and impressive man-management skills, she is able to glide through her role as the Director of Administrative Services at Perimeter Healthcare with admirable ease. 

Rochelle firmly believes the most challenging jobs are the most interesting and she relishes every opportunity to creatively solve a tough administrative problem. Her colleagues and other employees at Perimeter Healthcare facilities inspire her to be better. In her own words, “they are the true warriors and heroes.”

Spare time is almost an illusion in Rochelle’s busy life but whenever she’s not immersed in her work, you can catch her hanging out with her family and animals or binge-watching shows on Netflix. 


Gayla King, MS, RN, BC

Vice President of Nursing

Gayla King is a board-certified psychiatric nurse with 32 years of clinical and administrative experience. Her illustrious career has seen her occupy various leadership positions in top mental healthcare facilities in Texas and beyond. She has served as a Chief Nursing Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Director of Clinical Services, Vice President of Clinical Standards, and various other leadership roles.

Gayla obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Baylor University and a Master of Science in Business and Human Relations from Amber University. Prior to her appointment at Perimeter Healthcare she also worked at Strategic Healthcare as well as Cornerstone.  She has a reputation for putting her patients first at all times and relentlessly pursuing excellence in service delivery.  When she is not working and meeting the needs of her patients she enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband and son.


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Bill Garrison

Vice President, Revenue Cycle Management and Managed Care Contracting

With more than 25 years of hospital finance management experience, Bill heads the company’s Revenue Cycle Management team; a role that puts him in charge of all patient accounting and revenue cycle problems. More than anything else, Bill strongly believes in creating systems that simplify workflow. For him, an effective organization is one that can successfully carry its key members along while creating a solid foundation for the new people coming on board. It’s safe to say that occupying various roles across not less than six healthcare organizations has honed his understanding of systems. 

When he’s not thinking about creating better systems at work, Bill can be found reading, collecting books, or golfing. He relishes thoughts of retirement so he can spend more time with his wife, son, and pets. But for now, solving complex problems at work is enough to keep him going. 

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Greg Sassman, JD, MHA, MS

Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer

Greg Sassman is a valuable member of the Perimeter team. He has over thirty years of experience as a senior executive and corporate officer in several healthcare companies. As Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer for Perimeter his responsibilities include contracting, regulatory and legal affairs, implementation of the Perimeter Compliance Program, and other management activities. Greg has been with Perimeter since its beginning and enjoys being part of an organization that is making a difference in people’s lives.

 When Greg is not working, he enjoys hiking, playing the guitar, reading and watching good movies.


Jamie Wigginton, MBA

Corporate Director of Human Resources

Jamie has been an HR Executive for about fifteen years. Her experience in human resources management cuts across different industries, including transportation, government, technology, media, and healthcare. Her diverse background, coupled with her wealth of knowledge and experience, makes her the obvious choice to lead Perimeter Healthcare’s Human Resource Department.

For Jamie, every aspect of the job is uniquely challenging and immensely rewarding, from communicating to networking to training and development, down to talent management. She pours her soul into every task and approaches every challenge with unmatched dedication and passion. When she manages to get some time off work, her favorite pastime is vacationing with her family. She particularly loves to explore different cultures and exotic foods.