About Us

Our commitment to the care and wellbeing of our patient's mental health needs is paramount and the essence of all the treatment programs that we offer at Perimeter Healthcare. We are dedicated to providing patient-centered care and we work to understand each individual’s needs in order to supply excellent, differentiated treatment plans. To do this, we strive to employ passionate mental healthcare professionals to ensure the highest level of care, which is needed to achieve great results. 

Transparency and integrity of the Perimeter Healthcare team is one of the foundations of our company culture. We are able to accomplish the great results that all of our patients deserve. Our goal is to become the number one provider of behavioral health care in the country. We aim to achieve this by providing a consistent, high-quality and innovative healthcare solution, across all of the communities which we serve. 


We strive to build a fully integrated, effective behavioral health care system. To achieve our vision, we will utilize and develop state of the art, evidence-based protocols, and thus reaching the best solutions for each of our patients.

Perimeter Healthcare

Perimeter Healthcare was founded in 2016. The idea was to create  a healthcare system which effectively meets the steadily growing demands of behavioral healthcare in America with a focus on quality excellence and customer service.  The company was named Perimeter to serve as both a reminder and reflection of the company vision. At Perimeter Healthcare we lead with quality, integrity, and compassion. Our team works collaboratively when caring for both our patients and their families coming around them to support, encourage and promote health through a variety of evidenced-based practices.

The Perimeter Logo: What does our logo represent?

The symbol on the logo represents two things. First it is a picture of water rippling, symbolizing how one event or action can have a profound impact on something else. Second in keeping with the name “Perimeter,” it is a visual symbol representing our entire team coming around patients/families dispensing the best resources available in order to achieve our mission of “providing hope and transforming lives.” By using the Perimeter symbol, we are reminded not only of our commitment to our patients but the impact we can have on others in the work that we do.