20 October 2021


We all hope those we love are with us for as long as they can. But the aging process isn’t always as smooth as we wish. Some seniors are able to enjoy the new lifestyle that age brings by spending time with their grandchildren and great grandchildren, focusing on hobbies and doing all of the other things they love. Many older adults, however, dread the transition into their ‘Golden Years’; so much that the negative anticipation becomes a psychological problem. Such persons would find it difficult to plan properly for retirement or make the necessary lifestyle adjustments that would help them cope with a new type of lifestyle.

Aside from planning adequately for the seniors’ lifestyle, aging people should naturally expect some different types of health challenges. Even without preexisting medical conditions, advanced age is known to precipitate frailty and declining health. Many elders cope with one or more of the conditions:

● Cardiovascular condition

● Depression

● Dementia

● Arthritis

● Osteoporosis

● Diabetes

● Respiratory issues

● Eye problems

● Cancer

● Incontinence

Aging is one of the key risk factors for these conditions and it is not uncommon to find seniors experiencing them even without a previous medical history. Aging can also cause certain subtle changes in the body. Some of them include:

● Slower reaction time - might affect ability to drive or operate moving machinery

● A compromised immune system - making them susceptible to infections

● Thinning of the skin - may delay healing of wounds

● Diminished stability and balance - may lead to frequent falls and fractures

Specific lifestyle adjustments need to be made in order to help seniors cope with these aging issues. Often, the affected seniors may be uncooperative with their caregivers, especially if they’ve been healthy and active all through their lives.


What to do when a senior has difficulty adjusting to their new lifestyle



If you or anyone you know has a senior that’s finding it difficult to adjust to their new lifestyle, engaging the services of a geriatric therapist may be helpful. These professionals specialize in helping seniors settle with the realities of their new life and help them focus on making the best out of the unique opportunity to live the best life possible life at any age.

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