Geriatric Psychiatric Inpatient Treatment

There are many different factors that can affect an older person’s emotional and physical well-being including declining health, ongoing medication issues and lifestyle changes. The complex combination of medical and psychiatric issues can make diagnosis and treatment programs planning challenging. We offer specialized acute geriatric psychiatric care for adults 50 years or older who are experiencing psychiatric symptoms that significantly impair their social, occupational or other areas of functioning. The Older Adult & Geriatric Treatment Program provides diagnostic evaluation and treatment of common late-life psychiatric disorders including depression, incapacitating anxiety, dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, severe emotional aspects of physical illness, paranoia, fearfulness and late-life schizophrenia or psychosis. Our inpatient programs are designed to meet the complex mental health in a comprehensive inpatient program. Each patient receives a thorough assessment of both physical and mental health. Our interdisciplinary team works with the patient and family to develop an effective and individualized plan of care.

Locations offering Senior Adult Inpatient Treatment 

  • Perimeter Behavioral Hospital of Dallas
  • Perimeter Behavioral Hospital of New Orleans 


2520 Northwinds Parkway Suite 550
Alpharetta, GA 30009
For general information call 470-554-7902


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