Perimeter Healthcare is leading the way in building systems that realize the prevalence of trauma in the clients we serve. We recognize the impact trauma causes, not just for our clients, but also for the people working with our clients including family, caregivers and other clinicians. We work to implement this knowledge into all of our programming as well as staff education across our network of facilities.

Untreated Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) leave a lasting effect on a person as they grow into adulthood, leaving a path of destruction resulting in either diminished mental health and/or general health conditions. Perimeter Healthcare assists each client in working through these experiences providing tools to appropriately navigate life. Studies show that long periods of exposure to toxic stress cripple the nervous system and sense of safety in relationships, leaving the person exposed afraid, confused, and at times filled with rage. The goal of trauma informed care is to show sensitivity to the survival coping (ultimately the behaviors / symptoms presenting for treatment) of each client and assist them in developing safe, healthy, legal coping that allows them to feel safe in their bodies, with others, and the world.

When assessing each client our protocol includes asking what happened to the client rather than what is wrong with the client. Efforts are made to develop a treatment plan to begin to address these core experiences that have most often either affected the overall development or have impacted him/her in such a way that day to day functioning is exhausting, and at times unbearably painful.

Perimeter Healthcare knows that no one exists alone, and in order to heal, it takes a team of clinicians, caregivers and family members. One of the goals in Trauma Informed treatment is to assess the system from which the client comes from and extend supports to that environment either directly or through referrals to ensure all areas impacted by trauma are addressed.