Ours services have been designed for children who are demonstrating high-risk behavior, depression, and all other psychiatric conditions. Currently, our program is suitable for children and adolescents aged between 6-17, to discover optimal solutions and specialized psychiatric intervention, and a family support program. The staff will assess and evaluate the individual needs, to create an effective, sustainable health management treatment solution.

The embodiment of our ethos is evident in all aspects of this treatment program. Our staff will strive and do their utmost to bring hope and inspiration to each patient and their families through innovative and compassionate care. Our team implements a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment and will differentiate and tailor care plans to efficiently meet the needs of the child.

Acute Inpatient Program

Our acute behavioral inpatient center has a progressive approach, positive intervention in maintaining the integrity of Perimeter Healthcare. We serve those who demonstrate acute psychiatric symptoms which require continuous (24-hour) supervision. This treatment center is a calming therapeutic environment, with a safe and structured routine for all patients.

We will assess, evaluate and review the needs of every patient, using a differentiated and individualized approach to their care plans. Our highly qualified team of therapists will identify the best possible solutions, for both the patients  and their families. We also offer group and family therapies. Our team will collaboratively coordinate the patient's care plan with the parents, caregiver or guardians and the placement agency.