Acute Inpatient


Currently we are accepting patients ages 18 and over. Our acute behavioral inpatient hospital has a progressive approach to care including positive intervention, activity therapy, medication management, individualized treatment planning and comprehensive psychiatric services.

We serve those who demonstrate acute psychiatric symptoms which require continuous (24-hour) supervision. Respect and integrity for those we serve are important values at Perimeter Behavioral hospital. We provide a calming therapeutic environment, with a safe and structured routine for all patients.

We will assess, evaluate and review the needs of every patient, using a differentiated and individual approach to their care plans. Our highly qualified team of therapists will identify the best possible solutions, for both the inpatient residents and their families.  Our team will collaboratively coordinate the patient's care plan with the parents and/or guardians as well as the placement agency.


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There are many different factors that can affect an older person’s emotional and physical well-being including failing health, ongoing medication issues, and lifestyle changes. The complex combination of medical and psychiatric issues can make diagnosis and treatment planning a challenge. Perimeter Behavioral Hospital offers specialized acute geriatric psychiatric care for adults with age releated disorders who are experiencing psychiatric symptoms that significantly impair their social, occupational, or cognitive areas of functioning.

Our Older Adult & Geriatric Treatment Program provides diagnostic evaluation and treatment of common age related psychiatric disorders including:




Alzheimer’s Disease

Severe emotional aspects of physical illness



Late-life schizophrenia/psychosis