Family Involvement - Perimeter Healthcare


Therapists will be reaching out to the family either by email and/or phone. Sometimes we need additional information to provide the best treatment to the patient. Please be responsive when staff reaches out. They will provide you with their contact information in case you have any questions or concerns during the patient’s stay. Our therapists spend a lot of time with the patients providing them treatment and will get back to you as quickly as possible. 

Family Session

Family involvement in treatment has shown to increase a patient’s response to treatment and for it to have a more enduring effect.  We recognize the various responsibilities family members are managing and ask that you make time to meet with our therapists for this critical component of treatment.

Discharge Planning

After treatment in our hospital, ongoing care will likely be required including a psychiatrist and therapist. It's a requirement to have follow-up appointments scheduled prior to the patient’s discharge. We ask that if you have preferred providers, please let us know who they are.  We also request that you include the patients primary care physician information. After treatment is complete, our staff will fax pertinent information such as psychiatric evaluation, medication information and the discharge plan to each of the next care providers.  This ensures continuity of care and allows them all to be on the same page.  We want the patient to have a smooth transition and to set them up for continued success.