During Your Stay - Perimeter Healthcare

Daily Groups

A masters level therapist will provide two types of groups a day: processing and psychoeducational.  Processing groups will allow you time to discuss current and past stressors, traumas and better understanding of your feelings.  Psychoeducation groups will teach you new skills such as anger management, communication, accountability and much more.

A Certified Recreational Therapist will plan two groups a day that include activities that are educational, fun and therapeutic. 

Nurses will provide one group a day to teach patients about general health topics.

Mental Health Technicians will provide two groups a day to set goals, complete activity sheets, and practice relaxation techniques.

Individual Session

Your therapist will be meeting with you periodically throughout your treatment stay to ensure your treatment goals are being met and address any concerns you may have.

Family Therapy

Your therapist will contact the family within 24 hours to provide an update, answer any questions and gather any additional needed information. They will schedule a family session within 72 hours of admission. This will provide them a better understanding of the home dynamics which could impact treatment goals.  Education on mental health issues can also be provided if needed.

Daily Visitation

Phone time will be provided daily for patients to have contact with their families and visitation is held throughout the week. Please refer to the program schedule for specific times. If necessary, special requests for different visitation times is possible.

Medication Management

Your psychiatrist will meet with you within 24 hours to do an initial psychiatric evaluation and then see you daily to make any necessary adjustments to your medication. During your inpatient stay, medication will be provided and administered by our nurses. As needed, prescriptions will be provided upon successful completion of treatment to cover until you see your outside doctor. Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide refills following discharge.  

History and Physical

A medical doctor will meet with you within 24 hours to gather a medical history and conduct a physical. Any minor medical issues will be treated during your inpatient stay. 

24/7 Nursing Staff

Upon admission, you will have a full nursing assessment completed by one of our RNs. Additionally, vital signs will be checked twice a day. The nurses will provide any needed medication education.


Our meals are planned by a nutritionist. Three nutritional, yet delicious meals will be provided each day. Additionally, snacks will be provided throughout the day.