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We are proud to be the only free-standing behavioral hospital within the Metroplex offering visitation for our patients and their families 7 days a week.

Many parents and loved ones fear not being able to see their child during treatment. At Perimeter Behavioral Hospital of Dallas, we understand that a patient's family is a major part of healing and overcoming mental health challenges.

Visitation schedules will be provided upon admission and are also posted throughout the facility for convenience. 

What To Bring


At Perimeter Behavioral Hospital of Dallas, our primary goal is to create a safe environment for all of our patients. When packing and planning for an inpatient stay, the following items are recommended:

  • Three Sets of Clothes
  • Three Pairs of Undergarments
  • One Set of Sleeping Clothes
  • Sports Bras/Bras without Underwire
  • Sneakers/Shoes (without laces)

Please ensure no drawstrings are located inside clothing, this includes: drawstrings in pajama pants and strings located inside sweatshirts.

What Not To Bring

To ensure our patients' safety, some items are prohibited from entering the facility. Please utilize this list while packing to ensure no prohibited items are within the belongings. Prohibited items will be sent home with family during the admission process.

  • Electronics
  • Curling Irons, Hair Dryers, or Similar Items
  • Make-Up, Jewelry, and Accessories
  • Hoodies

Insurance and Payment Options

We will be in-network with most major insurances including: Tricare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Aetna, Cigna, United Behavioral Health, and most Managed Care Plans. Traditional Medicaid and CHIP will be accepted for patients under 21 years-of-age. Insurances are subject to available mental health benefits.

If you are unsure of your insurance mental health benefits, have an out-of-network plan, or seeking a payment plan, our business office is happy to help. Our team will work with your out-of-network plan to attempt a single case agreement. 

For assistance with financial verification, call 817.583.8112.