Located in Luverne, Alabama, Beacon Behavioral Hospital is a family-centered treatment environment designed to treat the acute mental and behavioral health needs of children ages 6 to 18 years old who suffer from depression, anxiety, mood swings, phobias, and suicidal or homicidal thoughts. Our inpatient psychiatric treatment center offers a safe and structured therapeutic environment that emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach to individual care and treatment.

Our team consists of highly skilled psychiatrists, social workers, and psychiatric nurses that provide crisis stabilization for patients whose acute psychiatric symptoms require 24-hour supervision. This program is designed to foster the child’s ability to successfully return home and to school. Also, our clinical team will assist in the patient’s transition to an outpatient or residential mental health provider to ensure continuity of care. Our unit was designed to be a child-friendly and stimulating environment for our young patients to receive care.