Angela Boring joins Perimeter Healthcare


(Atlanta, GA –  February 14, 2019)  In a bid to continually uphold its commitment to quality patient care and service delivery, Perimeter Healthcare is delighted to unveil Angela Boring as its new Vice President of Clinical Services, Quality, and Risk Management. Boring possesses a huge wealth of experience in the public and private healthcare sector, with specific competencies in health strategy, compliance, quality, and enterprise risk management experience. Prior to her appointment at Perimeter, she was the Vice President of Compliance and Quality at Monte Nido and Affiliates. She also boasts eight years (non-consecutive) experience at the state and national levels with the Malcolm Baldrige program.

Expressing her delight at the appointment, Lisa Evans, the Chief Operating Officer at Perimeter Healthcare affirmed that “Boring is a proven achiever with an uncommon passion for quality healthcare service delivery. She has a reputation for delivering cost-effective, best practice solutions and improving patient, family, and employee satisfaction.” Rod Laughlin, the company’s president and CEO stated, “I have no doubt Angela Boring will be a great addition to the company. She has the required skills to further accelerate the growth of our network of hospitals while ensuring our staff is abreast of the best practices in mental and behavioral healthcare delivery.”

On her own part, Boring looks forward to the challenge ahead. “I am pleased with the passion and energy at Perimeter Healthcare as they constantly search for new ways to provide patients with superior outcomes. I can’t wait to implement strategies that would further develop and enhance the Clinical Services Department while continually improving patient safety and quality,” she said. “This is a challenge I am ready to take on and I believe that with the cooperation of everyone, we can move closer towards achieving the mission and vision of Perimeter Healthcare.”

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About Perimeter Healthcare

Perimeter Healthcare consists of a network of mental and behavioral healthcare facilities that are committed to the mental well-being of their clients. They provide a broad range of comprehensive treatment programs for a variety of mental health disorders. The network is managed by President and CEO Rod Laughlin, who brings 35 years of experience in building and operating successful facility-based healthcare companies.